Snow Seminar: cooperation to solve the snow problem

Experience exchanges, new knowledge and cooperation were in focus when the lack of snow was discussed during Peak Innovation’s snow seminar on Thursday. There was no suggestion that the event organisers were rivals.

“Any cooperation that benefits all the included parties is a good thing. We should learn from each other,” said Vasaloppet’s arena manager, Anders Holmberg.

After lectures by Sweco’s head of sustainability, Andreas Gyllenhammar, two snow and avalanche researchers from Luleå and Davos, as well as Guri Hetland, general for the Trondheim World Championships in 2021, the day concluded with group discussions between the 60 or so participants. According to Peak Innovation’s Anna Ottosson, these round table talks were the most important part of the seminar.

“We must increase our familiarity with each other’s work and knowledge, so that we don’t all invest in the same things. For example, if Trondheim develops cutting edge expertise in snow production, perhaps Östersund should do advanced work on snow management for more lasting snow. Then the organisers can exchange knowledge about their specialist areas – all to increase their ability to deal with the poor winters ahead of us.”

Many definite ideas were put forward during the final summary: snow-making systems that start automatically and night time and increase availability at the coldest times, reusing and cleaning snow that is ploughed off the streets, appointing an expert group for snow and organising more snow seminars.

However, the most important conclusion was that cooperation is the key to success, such as increasing political commitments across the national border between Norway and Sweden. By the end of the seminar, more than half the participants had found at least one person they wished to continue discussions with about the future availability of snow.

“We have said that we will summarise these conclusions and afterwards we will send invitations to a new snow meeting. It is clear that this is a burning issue and that there is huge interest in solution-oriented cooperation,” said Anna Ottosson, project area director for sport at Peak Innovation.

Watch the film from the Snow Seminar here. For English, press subtitle.