Our Services

Our task is to create the conditions in which ideas become innovations, which in turn become companies, or to develop businesses that offer products or services. This innovation could be a new type of ski pole, a new programme for physical training or a new concept to help tourists enjoy the countryside. If you have the ideas, Peak Innovation can help you take them further. Peak Innovation facilitates meetings between researchers and businesses in the sport, tourism and outdoor industries. The point is to concretise research results; private business and new entrepreneurs must be able to work together to develop ideas, attract investment and create more jobs. We call this an innovation system.

Research and development

Peak Innovation creates opportunities for meetings between businesses and researchers in sports, tourism and the outdoors. Together they can develop ideas that attract investment and create new jobs. Jämtland’s Mid Sweden University is home to leading research in tourism, sports and the outdoors– at ETOUR, the Sports Tech Research Centre and the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre. These three centres work with companies on research and product development projects. Read more about them and some of our other partners here.

Matchmaking and networking

Peak Innovation creates the right conditions for people to meet, to work together and create new ideas. Bringing people and companies together with sports and academia results in interesting meetings that may lead to development. Peak Innovation holds seminars and workshops on subjects that are in demand, involving others to facilitate partnerships across industry lines.

Business development

Peak Innovation can reduce the lead times to closing deals due to its wide ranging contact networks in the business areas of tourism, sports and the outdoors. Cutting-edge expertise in these industries provides opportunities for development and success for both new and established companies. We offer expertise and contacts in the following areas: development financing, business advisory services, research, elite sportspeople/coaches, internationalisation/exports, innovation workshops and open innovation.

Mid Sweden Science Park also has an incubator for sports, tourism and the outdoors.We can help make life easier for companies who want to establish all or part of their business in the region.


The region of Jämtland has leading expertise in tourism, sports and the outdoors. This is found in research centres, at successful companies, independent product and business developers, destination companies and in sports – both the organisations and the athletes. Jämtland is also a unique testing environment, thanks to its landscape, with the mountains, lakes and tourist destinations, and Mid Sweden University’s laboratories. These conditions are difficult to beat when it comes to developing products and services and Peak Innovation’s task includes the promoting and marketing this, nationally and internationally. By inviting in businesses, the press and other regions, we disseminate what we have to offer and make it possible for regional, national and international companies to develop.



Peak Innovation offers support for the entire process from idea to prototype. This is either done in partnership with ongoing R&D projects or via research engineers at Mid Sweden University. The region has world-leading research expertise and unique testing facilities and laboratories. Expertise is also provided via the region’s engineering companies via the “innovation workshop” concept. We can also access external competences and customer groups as test pilots. Additionally, in partnership with the region’s incubator, we offer frontline business development support in tourism, sports and the outdoors to companies currently in a development phase.

  1. Research-led product development
    Peak Innovation provides a bridge between research and business. Research creates opportunities for taking product development one step further; the expertise possessed by researchers and research environments, along with the unique testing environment offered by Jämtland’s landscape and established laboratories, provides sports and business with the opportunity to be at the leading edge of development. For research results that will be commercialised, Peak Innovation can provide support so that the results reach the market and have benefit. Our partners can be found here.
  2. Open innovation
    Do you have a problem that needs solving and need to develop an idea or product along with other competences or users? We have contacts with customers who have high demands: top athletes, students, product developers, sports designers and many others. Together, we can connect the right people, ones who can support your product development through a process-governed task.
  3. Innovation workshop
    Access to expertise, contacts and collaborations with workshops in the manufacturing industry, providing the opportunity to develop a prototype or test a product’s manufacturing “live”. In partnership with Z-group, an industrial development centre for almost 50 companies in Jämtland (link), among others, we can help you find the right contact and expertise for your idea or product.
  4. Peak Accelerator
    Peak Innovation can provide expertise and funding to give sports, tourism and outdoor companies, which are assessed as being able to achieve sustainable business development, opportunities to close deals more quickly. This is often done in partnership with Mid Sweden Science Park and the Incubator.
  5. Business advisory services
    Peak Innovation has a solid network of people, allowing it to offer valuable contacts who have great expertise in business development within the sports, tourism and outdoor industries.
    We have a broad network of partners.


Our networks provide the competencies and contacts for faster routes to business on an international market. Business analyses, workshops and seminars, and the expertise that is linked to this system, all mean that we can support you on the way.


Good ideas and growing companies need development financing. This is why we offer expert support that identifies sources of financing and supports companies and projects with applications to regional, national and European financiers.